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Through the DIVERSify (Designing InnoVative plant teams for Ecosystem Resilience and agricultural Sustainability) project, a group of international researchers, farmers and other stakeholders have developed new ways to optimize productivity using groups of plants. “Rather than planting just one type of crop, growing a group of plants is an approach to agriculture that supports crop diversification,” explains Karley, who acts as project coordinator. “Our goal was to demonstrate how using a mix of compatible crops not only increases productivity, but also decreases the need for chemicals and, therefore, supports more sustainable agriculture.


An European project to understand and improve the sustainability of agroecological systems in the EU  


Call to Action of the New Ecological Generations for an agroecological change. – The project is mainly aimed at younger people (11-18 year olds) to introduce them to agroecology and environmental education in order to produce a sense of global belonging, a change in behavior more oriented towards sensitivity, an understanding of agroecological issues, awareness and active participation.


Agroecology for Europe aims to build a European network for increasingly sustainable agri-food systems.


AGROECOlogical strategies for an efficient functioning of plant – soil biota interactions to increase SOC sequestration” (EJPSOIL), coordinated by Alessandra Trinchera of CREA Agricoltura e Ambiente.


MEdicinal PLAnts in a SUstainable Supply chain. Experiences of land use practices”

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